Village North — Food is looking UP

An op-ed review with contributions from Justin Shaw, Technology Chair, Louis Lau, Sponsorship Chair, and Jeffrey Yuan, Treasurer

As a resident who lives so close to Convoy, it is imperative that I keep up with the latest Asian trends. You know, keeping up with the Chen’s and all that effort. And wow, Convoy is on such an explosive trend up lately, my wallet is having a hard time keeping up! Enter Village North. We had to go check it out and see what the rage is all about.

Food: Everything we ordered was savory and tasty. The Mapo Tofu was great with a hint of ma la and drenched in their sauce. My grandma always used to make food drenched in “汁”, and I would make it a habit to slather that all over my rice. It complemented it well, as usual. The sweet and sour pork was glazed very generously. A-tsai was also very delicious! Lastly, we got the clear noodle / hong sau ro soupy dish which was really good as well, and also provided for great 汁 over rice.

The service was excellent and the food came super quick! No complaints.

Final thoughts: “I liked the modern, chic feel of the restaurant – everything was very clean, which isn’t always the case for Chinese restaurants. The Chinese music on the speakers helped to maintain its appearance as a Chinese restaurant though. Overall I thought it’s a really good new Chinese restaurant with authentic flavor and a modern vibe. I look forward to returning and trying more of their dishes.

INSIDER TIP: Have a large party or event? Book in advance and ask for their large room with a projector. Parking may be a pain but try looking around the back.