Savory, Tasty, and Sweet: The Tasty Pot Trifecta

An op-ed review by Justin Shaw, Technology Chair and Yelp Elite

On one of those rare rainy San Diego days, I couldn’t help but look around for a local place that served hot, soupy food. I had heard of a place called “Tasty Pot” that had opened up, and it served individual hot pot. Naturally, it was the logical place to go check out.

Upon entering the place, you are met with butterfly wings (or as I like to call it, the millennial Instagram fly-trap). But that is not what draws attention to you, it’s the looming Taipei 101 on the back wall. It was as if we were eating on Elephant Mountain in the Xinyi District!

I don’t know if it was the drab weather, or because I haven’t had hot pot in a while, but the hot pot definitely hit the spot.

Food: I ordered the lamb hot pot with mild spicy, and it came with a tasty smorgasbord of food. For me, it was the right amount of kick, and the spiciness level was very adjustable with their sweet bean paste, chili oil, and soy sauce on the side (combine all three for a great dipping sauce). My friend had ordered the second to last tier, “very spicy”, which was enough to bring a spice behemoth down to his knees. Luckily, this place also sells boba, which offered a slight reprieve to getting a little too warm on a dreary day. One thing I do want to note though, is that this place is *like* hot pot but not actually hotpot in the traditional sense, as they serve you individual

tasty pots instead of making your own.


Service: The service is very excellent and prompt. No complaints here!

In conclusion, I would definitely come back here (and, I have, since finalizing this review). Catch me back here on a drab or sunny day — as long as that hot pot craving percolates, I will find myself seated on ‘Elephant Mountain’ again.

TAP-SD and Tasty Pot do not endorse each other