Escape the doldrums of reality with Escape Era

An op-ed review by Louis Lau, Sponsorship and Fundraising Chair

Looking to immerse yourself in an environment of solving puzzles and clues to help you and your friends escape? No longer do you have to experience this by watching a TV show or simple board games, you can now be part of it at Escape Era. Some of your TAP board members built up the courage and took on this challenge. For an intense hour we teamed up to solve clues and riddles hidden throughout the room; victorious in the end, we all agree it was an entertaining experience.

I found this challenge to be one of the best team building activities you can find out there. Escape Era provided a unique escape room experience with friendly staff to prepare you before the challenge and provide modest hints as you desire, throughout your attempt. Being able to test your wit and grace under time pressure with your friends challenged me to use my group’s ability to collaborate and communicate. As the clock ticked down with pressure, while we left no stones unturned, we had to observe every item available to us with strong attention to detail. I can’t spoil the experience, but it was truly a personal learning experience and a creative activity to do for fun. The clues and puzzles really got me seeing things differently and thinking outside the ordinary. I highly encourage and recommend people to try an escape room at Escape Era.


Chun Che Peng, TAP’s Internal Vice President, had the follow to say about the venue: “Overall, I thought the escape room was very well done. I’ve been two others beforehand – one in LA, one in OC; this my first escape room in SD. The puzzles were pretty creative and it was clear that a lot of thought went into the design of the escape experience. My original concern was that a few people in our group would have nothing to do but there were enough tasks to go around. Everyone contributed in the successful escape and the teamwork was on point. Can’t wait for the 2nd escape room to open in March/April 2017.

Escape Era currently only has one escape room in operation but another should be open later in the spring. The escape room we finished is called “Déjà vu”; and the next escape room coming out around March 2017 will be called “Arcade”. Whether it is your first time or not, the Escape Era will give you an experience you will not forget. Appointments can be made on their website ( for a group of 3-8 friends.

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