Elevate Scholarship for Talented Professionals – Round #2

Description: Scholarship valued at $1,200 for working professionals to attend the 1st course in this series, “Networking, Influence and Strategic Relationships,” on January 17th & 18th at the UCSD Rady School from 9:00AM-4:00PM. This course qualifies towards a business certificate from UCSD Rady School of Management and will not only improve your professional skills but also look good on your resume! How To Enter: Simply send a short email to gchen@tap-sd.org that has 3 eye-catching reasons why or how TAP-SD encourages professional development. Deadline for submissions: Sunday, January 6th @ 5:00 PM, PST and we will notify the winner within 24 hours of the deadline. We request (but do not require) that the winner gives permission for our organization to use your reasons as testimonials for future promotion. Easy and fun! The UCSD Elevate Certificate Program is a 4-class series providing professionals with the necessary leadership, influence and strategic-thinking skills to advance in today’s global, diverse work environment. Courses offered within this series emphasize these three core areas that prove necessary for successful talent development and organizational development, yet place them within a global context. Even if you are not competing for this scholarship, please check with your company’s policy on employee Tuition Assistance as we encourage you to enroll in the program! Given that UCSD is an accredited school and this is a business-related Certificate program, most major companies would approve these classes for Tuition Assistance. Certificate Info: http://rady.ucsd.edu/elevate/ Class Description: http://rady.ucsd.edu/elevate/networking/.