Board Positions

Updated: 4/2016
We are tight knit group looking for members who share the collective to connect with other Taiwanese Americans while developing involvement in our local communities. If you are interested in any of the following, please fill out the Board Application Form.  All terms are one year long. Click the following to see a more detailed description of the board positions:


  • Provide vision, direction, and goals of the organization
  • Ensure Board and its members are aware and fulfill their responsibilities, upholding the org’s mission, comply with laws and bylaws, and conduct business effectively and efficiently
  • Presides over meetings, proposes policies and practices
  • Serves to provide a platform for effective recruitment, training, and evaluation
  • Must have served on the board for at least one year

VP, External Affairs

  • Manages the organization’s ties to all external parties through partnerships, programs, and relationships with funders and stakeholders
  • Will work closely with VP Internal Affairs to assist the President
  • Enable professional and personal development of directors and Officers dealing with external related tasks
  • Provide assistance in reaching the goals of the organization

VP, Internal Affairs

  • Manages the development and success of the board’s Officers
  • Will work closely with VP External Affairs to assist the President
  • Maximize involvement of the board by cultivating relationships between individuals: organizing retreats and team building activities, frequent communications, and one-on-one meetings
  • Provide assistance in reaching the goals of the organization


  • Records meeting minutes accurately and promptly
  • Document control for our organization form / template. Ensure documents, event photos, and forms are complete and accurate
  • Send out monthly newsletter of upcoming events
  • Manages facebook page event postings (Social Media Postings, etc..)


  • Oversee the management of reporting the organization’s finances to the TAP board and the overarching TACL national board
  • Work with the board to create the annual budget
  • Responsible for maintaining the organizations bank account
  • Will advise on proposed event budgets in order to meet yearly financial goals
  • Experience in accounting and financial planning highly recommended

Social Chair

  • Planning and implementing social events to strengthen the internal network of TAP
  • Focuses on developing key relationships with local venues and organizations on behalf of TAP to offer unique opportunities or rare discounts to our members at these events
  • Collaborate with other cabinet members to plan larger events that encompass multiple aspects of TAP
  • Monthly happy hour events, aptly named TAPpy Hours
  • Guide other underlying social chairs / committee members (i.e. Health and Wellness)
  • Past Events include: Beach BBQ, Halloween at 30th on 30th, Board Game Night, various hiking events, Holiday Party and more.

Professional Chair

  • Planning and implementing social events to strengthen current and future careers of TAP members through workshops, networking events, and leverages the connection with the Taiwanese American business community with TAP members
  • Coordination with the UCSD TASA mentorship program
  • Provide events on a (minimum) bimonthly basis
  • Guide other underlying professional committee members
  • Past events include: Dine and Discuss, How to use LinkedIn to find your next job, Tax seminar, etc…

Community Chair

  • Planning and implementing community service events to strength our relationship with the community
  • Build community connections to help serve and provide assistance to those in need
  • Provide events on a (minimum) bimonthly basis
  • Guide other underlying Community committee members
  • Past events include: TACC cleaning, blood drives, beach clean-up, food banks, cooking for Ronald McDonald Charity House, etc..

Culture Chair

  • Planning and implementing cultural events to increase awareness of the Taiwanese and Taiwanese American culture and issues
  • Maintaining relationships with local organizations including but not limited to: 1G, 2G, and collegiate groups for possible partnerships
  • Provide events on a (minimum) bimonthly basis
  • Guide other underlying Culture committee members
  • Past events include: Lunar New Year events, movie outings to Taiwanese related films, hot pot dinners, food making series, etc…

Wellness Chair

  • Planning wellness events to promote an active, healthy outlet for TAP members
  • Work closely with the Social Chair
  • Provide events on a (minimum) bimonthly basis
  • Past events include: Hikes, skiing / snowboarding, backpacking, biking around coronado, dealing with stress, camping in Julian

Membership Chair

  • Develops and implements the TAP membership strategy, creating value-added membership programs
  • Key point of contact for existing and prospective members
  • Will collaborate with other board members to effectively plan for events which are members only and further develop membership benefits
  • Ensures membership records are up to date, notifies the board through monthly updates, and sends reminders to expiring membership for renewal
  • Describe and coach board members on ways to garner a large connection of TAP members

Marketing Chair

  • Creating and maintaining digital tools, assets, and designs for TAP through the web site, facebook, posters, and paper handouts
  • Collaborate with other board members to coordinate the display or relay important message through media avenues

Technology (Web) Chair

  • Responsible for maintenance and development of the TAP web site (WordPress, HTML, CSS)
  • Work closely with the board to update the content of the web site (event postings, board contact, etc..)
  • Further develop the platform for automating membership sign-ups and e-mail notifications.

Fundraising Chair

  • Responsible for handling all donation, sponsorship, and fundraising
  • Work closely with VP External and Treasurer to set up fundraising campaigns to raise money for the organization
  • Looking for someone to handle a yearly or ongoing fundraising event i.e. gala, dinner, merchandise


  • Document and publish the activities of the organization in a searchable and sortable manner
  • Capture these moments through photography, video, and sharing these on facebook, the TAP web site, and other social media platforms